Fun Craft Ideas for the Extra Boxes in Your Life

The lifecycle of the cardboard box is relatively short and repetitive; the box is manufactured, used for shipping, moving, or packaging, and, if recycled, sent back to the factory to be turned into a new box to begin the cycle all over again. Why not try a few of these ideas to give that box a creative, and fun, second life?

Halloween Costume

Moving boxes make great Halloween costume building blocks because they come in a variety of sizes and are fairly easy to source. The ideas for making costumes out of boxes are incredibly versatile, too. A robot is usually the first to come to mind when we think of box-turned-costume; a big box for a body, a smaller box for a head, paint and tinfoil for added touch, and you’re good to go. A box can also be turned into a car or any other kind of vehicle to wear around the waist; all you need is paint and a pair of suspenders. One simple and silly idea is to use a box to dress up as, well, a box, perhaps a juice box or popcorn box, or a box of candy.

Indoor Dog House

Building an indoor dog house is another fun and crafty idea to give a box its second life. Depending on the size of the dog you may need a pretty big box for this one. Simply cut an opening large enough for your dog to enter the box, seal it up with tape, and add a cuddly blanket or pillow inside for your dog to curl up on. You could also try painting the box to resemble a home and add windows or a roof. Once the basic design is complete there is much you could do to keep the craftwork going.

Piggy Bank

A fun activity with a small box is to create a piggy bank. This is similar to the dog house in that it is both simple but allows for much in the way of creativity. Seal a small box with tape, cut a slit big enough for coins, and decorate away! It will be easy to retrieve the coins once it’s full, and then you can start on a new bank.

Cardboard boxes are usually easy to come by, and they need not be discarded after one use. Next time you have a box give one of these ideas a try!

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