Hurry! Only 25 Available!! New Monthly Full Moon Spell Kit Subscription Boxes Available now!

Full Moon Amplified Intentions 3 Month Subscription Box DIY Spell Kit by Thread Spells – Limited Availability Only 25 Available

This kit will actually be created on the Full Moon to set the intention spell and shipped out the following day. There will only be enough time to create 25 of these during the Full Moon so the availability is very limited. The Full Moon provides the strongest energies and amplifies any intentions you building. Perfect for attracting and manifesting change into your life.

Each spell kit will include fabric, needle, thread, pattern and instructions for your DIY spell sigil design. The pattern will be quite small and easy enough for even a beginner to stitch it up in a very short time. Depending on the spell type, their may be other symbolic items included if we feel it will benefit the situation such as charms or other tokens.

All textile arts have a long history of magical association. The repetitive nature of cross stitch in particular lends itself to creating the trance states necessary to successful spell casting. Each element of a design becomes as much a ritual tool as an athame or a candle. Just by working the pattern, intent is clarified and the spell finds its way to the subconscious effortlessly. Magical systems use visual protocol in order to place stitches in specific ways to tap into the subtle workings of the universal psyche. In order to treat a cross-stitch project as a magical spell, it is important that care is used to design and choose the floss colors. Each aspect of the design must be relevant to the desired outcome of your spell and be carefully placed in relation to the other parts of the design. The colors too must correspond and be relevant to your goal.

When you are finished stitching your spell you can display it, give it away, or use it on your altar depending on what you are hoping the spell will accomplish. You can finish the stitching any way you want to such as frame it, make a small pillow or just leave it as it is. I recommend that if you display it you change its position in the house with the seasons. I say this because when we see something everyday we tend to become blind to it after a while. Changing its position refreshes your intent and often gives you a new perspective on the issues involved as well as on the picture itself.

Let your collection of stitchwork to be like your book of shadows or a carefully cultivated garden, recording your progress as well as your path. The magic lives in the stitching and the stitchwork and in the space that lies between.

The Thread Spells Synergy is a group of like minded women that have worked together with their individual talents for over 20 years to provide support and assistance to people using alternative methods and mindsets. Our group consists of: life coaches, trained and certified distant reiki healers, psychics, EFT practitioners and numerous witches. Although we all focus on different ideologies, we are like minded in that we all believe very strongly in a base set of concepts and we live and work by them daily. 1. WE ARE BETTER TOGETHER (SYNERGY!) 2. All human beings are gifted with the ability to heal themselves and others. 3. Harm no one. Thread Spells spell kits are strong and effective. All of them include removing all negative energy and karma to heighten the strength of the spell.

When you purchase, your spell kit will be created within 3 – 5  days. All of our members will join together to create the intention of all kits to increase the power. Please include the full name and date of birth for whoever the spell is intended for with your payment. There are always results, but you must remember not to impose our own expectations on this energy. Anything that happens is always for the greatest good even, if that may not be what you expect it to be. This can open your mind to thinking about your situation in a different light and may help to point you in a new direction. You may have sensations physically as the energy connects with you during and after the spell casting has been performed. Please do not purchase if you expect this to fix all of your problems. Many factors are involved including how positive you are about the outcome, your actions in your life and your faith in the actual spell.

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